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Social Responsibilities

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Before embarking on a project, we consider its environmental impact. The global demand for energy is increasing, but so is the necessity to address climate change. Exploration and production of oil and gas is technically challenging. 

Social Responsibilities

We choose to maintain long-term relationships with our counterparties in order to remain a trustable choice in the market.

Approach to a cleaner form of Energy

The aim of sustainable development is to balance our economic, environmental and social needs whilst avoiding the over consumption of natural resources. Wellbred recognises the challenges facing the environment and the need for a transition to cleaner forms of energy. We recognise the risks involved in our business and our responsibility to uphold high and safe standards of operation across the value chain. We have set long-term targets and aims to reduce emissions in our operations, improve our products to help customers reduce their emissions and create low carbon businesses. Our objective is to advance in the energy transition and reduce the emissions of our operations and products in line with the company’s commitment to the fight against climate change according to the goal set out by the Paris agreement.

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There are 3 pillars of sustainable development:

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Sustainable Development

We perform baseline Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) surveys that allow us to conduct environmental monitoring. These studies include identifying protected areas and endangered species, as well as their responsibilities in ecosystems. 

Environmental Protection

Environmental reporting among oil and gas businesses is more detailed than in other sectors, such as utilities and other branches of manufacturing, according to multiple comparative worldwide studies, though this is partly due to the industry’s greater environmental effect. 

SGS calculation carbon footprint GHG

Wellbred has also identified climate change as relevant sphere of activity and plans to address climate protection more strategically. The first step is the calculation of a corporate carbon footprint to know the status-quo. For this service SGS was approached in November 2021. The project focuses on the calculation of direct and indirect GHG emissions caused by the activities of Wellbred for one year. The calculation will be based on the GHG protocol standard and will consider scope 1 (direct emissions) and scope 2 (indirect emissions from energy use) emission sources for the entire company (three office sites).