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Risk Management

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Our risk management approach uses thorough analysis of the risks of your company’s supply chain, to reach the adequate solutions able to mitigate the diagnosed risks. Implementing diversified risk management strategies to achieve the goals of boosting efficiency & cutting back costs.

How Do We Minimize the Risks?

Our well-trained specialists are able to recognize and manage all risks involved with the flow of commodities around the globe, including those related to storage, mixing, transporting, and beyond, because we adhere to Wellbred’s values throughout all processes. We are able to create an uninterrupted and consistent flow of supplies, shipments, and orders, as well as ensure the continuous flow of operational data and analytics across all operations, due to our holistic strategy.

Risk Management

We guarantee an undisturbed commodities global highway, ensuring the risk-free supply chains circulation.


The expressive flow of commodities is important for us as it is for your organization & the world trade movement at large. Therefore, from anticipation to recognition, we take our goal and values seriously, providing adequate risk management for your company.

Anticipation Is The Risk Factor

We thoroughly analyze the supply chain, to mitigate any main risk factor:

Our team of professionals analyzes market risks in order to manage and supervise the use of financial derivatives and forward transactions, as well as to mitigate any pricing concerns.

By assuring the demand for appropriate instruments and credit insurance, we carefully examine and reduce all credit risks.

We invest in our CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management system), which keeps our infrastructure up to date while also enhancing transaction security and live reporting capabilities.