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Wellbred is a risk managed global commodity trading company, trusted by its clients who rely on predictable supply chains to ensure on time delivery of their goods across MENA, SE Asia and beyond.

Welcome To Wellbred

Trading done Well

Trading done Well

Wellbred is a Singapore based commodity trading group with offices also in Geneva & Dubai. The company has drawn together an expert team of seasoned professionals to provide timely access to quality oil products across Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

Principally focused on our clients, we apply the highest industry standards to each link of our supply chain ensuring that their expectations are met through professional operations. We provide quality and efficient services to a broad base of clients from national oil producers, major oil companies, large trade houses and individual traders.

What do we do ?

Business Management & Improvement

We manage our trading business operations efficiently. All through from the analysis of capabilities, competitors, market opportunities & strategic future prospects. We come up with creative solutions & strategies to push our trading business ahead into a more successful future.

Our team has the experts with the necessary sector intelligence and both global & regional insights to guide every decision you make in the correct direction.

Financial Management

Successful trading requires adequate financial services. We provide full financial management of trading operations with our skilled accounting & transactions team capable of handling all the incoming payments, credits & outgoing expenses in the most predictable insured way.

Following high-standard trading & portfolio management methods, which achieves a coherent financial circulation.

We have the experts capable of averting all credit & financial risks, to ensure a risk-free circulation of finances in both directions and help your trading portfolio remain profitable.

Workflow & Risk Analytics

We will help your company make more informed decisions to increase profitability. Our deep analytics will cover the workflow across your traded commodity supply chain, while anticipating every probable risk with meticulous assessment, to be able to avoid them.
We use the most advanced risk management solutions to enhance your business operations, reduce uncertainty and guarantee success in the free trading globe.

Risk Assessment & Management

Our experienced professionals are able to detect & manage all the risks associated with the flow of commodities across the globe, related to storing, blending, transporting & beyond. Our holistic approach ensures: • Goods Flow: Establishing an unobstructed & predictable flow of commodities, shipments & orders. • Cash Flow: Insuring the secure & transparent flow of incoming payments & outgoing expenses. • Data Flow: Maintaining a live flow of operational information & analytics throughout all processes.

What do we do ?

A Message from the CEO

“Wellbred is a modern and progressive trading company that utilises all the expertise at its disposals to optimize the flow of energy products around the globe. Through all our divisions we are driven to uphold the highest governance practices to deliver solid accountable results within our strict policies and guidelines.


I am extremely proud of our achievements so far and believe our continued growth and success is possible because of the people we work with and the Team we have at WELLBRED. Along with my experience from working at a National Oil Company and several positions at top trading houses, we have a highly experienced and respected team from the industry. People who can build a creative environment, support the development of ideas and help bring them to fruition. This drive to innovate throughout the organization will enable us to take the company to the next level.


As Wellbred continues its development we are determined to embrace our place as good corporate citizens as we support a carbon neutral future. Wellbred is already involved in several ESG projects and we are actively looking to further this business.”


Ghazi Abualsaud

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A Message from the COO

“Almost two years have passed since the worldwide spread of COVID-19.  We recognize the unprecedented impact this pandemic has had on our employees, our company, and the communities where we live and operate; it has changed the way we all live and work. Even with continual development of vaccines the end is not in sight.   Since our founding we have placed a significant priority on the relationships we have developed with the people who matter most, our valued customers and our loyal staff and we will strive to continue to do this in the difficult times in which we live. 


Decarbonization is accelerating worldwide and only those companies that can develop their business symbiotically with the planet will be permitted to survive. As a company we are committed to enhancing our contribution to and engagement with sustainable development goals and will continue to find ways to minimize our ecological impact across all our business activities.


I am excited about the path ahead for the Wellbred Group, one that’s full of opportunities, now and for years to come. Oil prices are inherently volatile and political, economic, and other changes have consistently rocked the oil landscape since 1970. Our dedication to strong risk management and operational efficiency will play a key role in helping us to manage this volatility and will be the key to preserving options for future growth.”


Simon Lausch
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Global Presence

The Global Presence

Our highly skilled team makes every effort to provide excellent customer service, offer products with minimal waste, and eliminate all market risks.

Our Presence in United Arab Emirates

2002, Uptown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers,
Dubai UAE, P.O. Box 12359

Tel: +971 4 5718700
Email: info@wellbred.com


Our Presence in Geneva

Rue De Rive 10, 1204 Geneva,

Tel: +41 22 508 4700.
Email: enquiries@wellbred.com


Our Presence in Singapore


9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza,
#35-04, Singapore 048619

Tel: +65 6 9146611.
Email: info@wellbred.com



Our Presence in Nigeria


Broad Street, Lagos, Lagos State,

Email: enquiries@wellbred.com



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